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Hardwood Flooring Refinishing and Repair

Hardwood restoration is one of many services that B&R Hardwood and Tile offers to our customers. A typical refinish project takes 3-5 days from start to finish. Our process is to meet to evaluate your flooring. During this time, we look at the condition of your floors, discuss any damage, measure, and explain our unique process and what sets us apart from the competition.  We also make you aware of extra charges for removing base shoe or moving appliances.

B&R offers dust containment options as well as traditional refinishing. Keep in mind, there is no such thing as a dustless system. We spend extra time applying plastic to areas impacted by the refinish to minimize the impact of dust. We use several oil modified polyurethane floor finishes and light commercial water borne finishes depending on customer preference.  Most people move out of their home during this process because the floor usually are not completely dry or cured.

B&R offers custom staining of your floors for an additional fee.  For darker stains, we water pop our floors which involve spraying the raw hardwood with water to raise the grain. This helps the stain dry more evenly and helps avoid blotchiness. We have a stain meeting with our customer(s) and apply several stains directly on to their floor and simulate the finish so that you can see the color against your cabinetry and paint. This is different than our competition which has customers select a stain from a color chart or pre-stained blocks of wood. Each floor takes stain differently so it is very important that you see the stain on your floor.

We are not the lowest cost provider. Often time people call asking for our square footage price not understanding that price does not equal quality and that the price given per square foot does not include add on’s for moving appliances, removing base shoe and other items.   When looking for a provider, make sure that they are insured, rated by the BBB, and that they have some type of reference process. Also be aware that all flooring finish products are not equal and some do not stand up over time. For example, for older homes with Oak hardwood and floors that tend to be gapped, oil modified polyurethane is a better choice than water base finish that will fray and whiten over time. Many providers only offer water base finish so that they can complete the project quickly and make more profit. This may not be the best choice for your home. We charge the same price for oil modified polyurethane as water base finish. We want to put the best product on your floor for the best results.

Hardwood Repair

Generally hardwood repair requires the entire floor to be patched and refinished. Often insurance companies are involved and we must provide pictures and moisture readings when you file your claim. When you sustain water damage to your hardwood, put fans on the area immediately and leave them on for several weeks. Moisture often gets trapped in the subfloor and it takes time to dry out. We recommend you wait several weeks before you call us in so we can determine if there is permanent damage or if the flooring will settle down. Usually, the boards are too frayed to sand so we must patch an area and refinish everything because the floor will not match your other flooring due to oxidation of your hardwood.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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